Articles written by our members on aspects of floral design, including a few pictures

An article by Fay Brassie

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Hitomi Gilliam will be coming to Orlando in Febuary, 2015 as the keynote designer for the CFAA Seminar. Her program, "NeoFLORA", is a fresh look, a fresh approach to flower designing today. Hitomi will share many new and creative mechanics and techniques that are now possible, experimenting with new varieties of flowers and foliages, and with an array of containers and accessories. Also, she will present "Rustic Modern design", a story of contrast - about new & old, sleek and organic, man vs. nature . . . when you juxtapose one against the other, the result is drama!!

Design to interpret the work of Argentinian Fiber Artist, Silke

The Readers Corner is a new feature offering articles on floral design submitted by our talented CFAA members.
About Us

Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas, Inc., is a member-supported, non-profit organization, founded in 1998. The organization and its members are dedicated to the continuation of the study and expansion of the creative art of flower arranging. CFAA stresses unity through sharing, with the aim of a having a lively exchange of ideas, tips and techniques. Members come together for a fun-filled time of sharing with those of like-minded interests.


The newsletter, Design Dimensions, is published twice a year and contains photographs of creative floral designs from the Seminar programs with Featured Designers and from the Kaleidoscope designs by members. The magazine also has floral design and related arts articles, plus news and announcements of the organization. Articles from members and interviews with Featured Designers are included. Membership in CFAA entitles members to receive copies of Design Dimensions magazine twice a year.


The annual Seminar, limited to members, is held annually in Orlando, Florida. The event is a fantastic experience for floral designers, whether novice or advanced. Attendees are treated to Workshops, trend-setting Programs, a display of designs by members, and commercial sales of design materials, containers and mechanics. Our commercial Vendors offer wide-ranging products and essentials for the avid designer. For Vendor contact information, click on Links.

Membership in CFAA costs $35 annually; members are eligible to attend the Seminar and to receive two issues each year of the newsmagazine
Design Dimensions. For registration and hotel information, click on Seminar on the Navigation Bar.


Kaleidoscope is a dazzling display of floral designs created by CFAA members. During the Seminar, the hotel is abloom with sixty-plus floral designs! Designers from inside the USA and beyond present creations using the newest trends in design. A cocktail party/reception kicks off the Seminar on the first evening.

Attendees enjoy socializing while previewing the amazing array of designs. Designs run the gamut from pedestal types, floor designs, horizontal designs, hanging designs – all using cutting edge methods and materials. The reception is followed by a seated dinner, and the evening culminates in a Design Program featuring a Guest Designer or Design Group. The
Kaleidoscope designs remain in place throughout the Seminar.

Workshops, Design Programs

Pre-Seminar Workshops/Design Demonstrations are offered prior to the Seminar. These are led by Guest Designers and CFAA members. Materials are provided and critiques are given of each design. Advance registration is required.

The Design Programs, featuring premier guest presenters, are the highlight of the Seminar. The programs provide a time to learn, to be amazed, and to be inspired to new heights of imagination and creativity.

Workshop space is limited; early reservations are a MUST for reserving spaces.

Our Objective

The objective of Creative Floral Arrangers of the Americas is to promote the study of advanced American floral design as an art form, to offer educational opportunities for its members, and to provide a dynamic environment for exhibiting and networking.

A Legacy of Excellence

CFAA, a floral design study group with a membership over 500, is a spin-off of AGFA (American Guild of Flower Arrangers), a design organization formed by the late Bob Thomas. Bob, internationally renowned authority on floral design, founded AGFA in 1974. CFAA has evolved to continue Bob’s legacy of excellence and to impart his reverence for nature’s gifts as a dramatic, creative and challenging art medium. CFAA continues to celebrate and advance the study of American creative floral artistry.